Small Group Class: Learn to Ride for Adults**

This offering is for groups, companies, and organizations who want City Bike Coach to produce a Learn to Ride class at their facility.

Students will learn the fundamentals of balancing and bicycle. Students may also grasp how to start, stop, and steer a bicycle -- time permitting. Proper Helmet fit and adjustment will be covered. If students need more time, they will have the technique to practice on their own.

REQUIREMENTS: 1). Students must bring a bicycle in good working condition. 2). A helmet is mandatory. 3). Students must be in good medical condition. 4). Students must be able to sit flat-footed upon the bicycle. 5). A non-refundable booking fee of $75 is included in the course fee.

**$600.00 is the base price, and may be more depending on the contract. 

Small Group Class: Learn to Ride for Adults**
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