Private Coaching: Learn to Ride Session

Private Coaching: Learn to Ride Sessions

With CBC, all coaching fees include the following: a private consultation; a personalized assessment; a short video-tape review - upon request and where applicable; and follow-up support via e-mail.

Learning to Ride a Bicycle: You will work one-on-one with a coach -- and within your comfort zone -- to get rolling on two wheels ! 

This session is two hours long or when you get tired -- whichever comes first. A properly fitted helmet is mandatory. Sessions are non-transferable, and there is no rollover time if a session ends early.

*There is a $100 non-refundable booking fee. Travel fees and bike rental fees also may apply per visit.

**For scheduling purposes, additional sessions may be necessary so allow yourself plenty of time to learn and practice before your first bicycling event. 

***Private Learn to Ride Packages are good for four months. If you are inactive after registration without communicating your scheduling needs, you will need to register again. Please understand that our goal is to get you rolling as soon as possible!


Private Coaching: Learn to Ride Session
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