Bike Pedal Earrings by Uehara Designs for City Bike Coach



These sterling silver earrings were created for City Bike Coach by Uehara Designs. Each pedal is 1 inch long (22mm), and 1/2 inch (11mm) wide. They are so much fun to wear, and the compliments you'll get will feel great!

You won't find anything like them anywhere -- trust us, we looked everywhere! That's why we had them commissioned. Now we want to share it with the world because they're just so cool, don't you think?

They make a great gift for Hannukah, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays -- or any day! Think of how delighted your loved one will be to receive these pedal earrings to support her biking riding! Even triathletes, ride leaders, teachers, and coaches will love these fun earrings.

This unique set of earrings is made with love in NYC. Each piece of pedal jewelry is hand-finished; so yours will truly be one-of-a-kind! While each earring is solid, they are not unwieldy. They are tastefully large enough to be seen beautifully. 
Coach Lee can't stop wearing hers, she loves them so much. How about you?

Each piece is stamped "925" to indicate the sterling silver composition. "Uehara" is also stamped onto each piece so you know you're getting THE ORIGINAL Uehara bike pedal, and not a counterfeit.  (Polished brass may be available after January.)

**Choose between sterling silver POSTS (with silver-plated backs) or FRENCH WIRE -- indicate which in the Notes section.**  Using hypoallergenic metal posts or French wire may alter the look slightly, but we're more than happy to do so:) Just indicate that as well in the notes section. Please note it make cause shipping times to take a little longer, depend on stock.

(Price includes the sales tax.)

**For those in New York City: I'm happy to meet up and deliver your order to you somewhere in Manhattan. :) 
(That's what your shipping fee would pay for!)

Bike Pedal Earrings by Uehara Designs for City Bike Coach
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