Bike Handling 101: Small Group Class**

This offering is for groups, companies, and organizations who want City Bike Coach to produce a Bike Handling 101 class at their facility.

This two-hour (depending on the number of students) on-bicycle class is designed to help the beginner gain more confidence in properly starting, stopping, turning, and shifting. Take this class if you have just learned to ride or are weak in any of the above-listed skills. Riders will feel better about being able to cycle on their own or with friends in the park.

Helmets are mandatory. Bicycles in good working condition are also required. 

**$600.00 is the base price, and may be more depending on the contract. 

A non-refundable booking fee of $125 is included in the course fee.

Bike Handling 101: Small Group Class**
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Price $600.00