Commuting 101

This three-hour class has two main components: classroom and riding.

In Part I Classroom, material covered includes bicycle selection, routes to work, carrying cargo and dealing with wardrobe issues. This class also teaches riders about bicycle parking, tools for the road, conspicuity concerns, and riding in the rain. 

In Part II Riding, students will ride in various lighting situations that are common while bicycle commuting. Upon completion of this course, cyclists will have the tools and knowledge to make the right personal decisions regarding their commuting needs and environment.

Course fee includes materials. A non-refundable registration fee of $25 is included in the course fee.

Notes: 1). All students must know how to ride a bicycle. 2). Some classes are offered in two parts on different days. 3). There are riding gear requirements for all sessions. Nothing major, just precautions for your safety! Upon registration, students will receive notice of these items.

Commuting 101
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